Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Government Does Not Work

The current administration has engaged in a "faux pas" style of leadership that dare not challenge the worst attributes of employee abuses. Starting with the mayor who last year took 28 days off from work without telling anyone.

It should be no surprise that when city employees go wild, the boss who set the standard is having a hard time holding people accountable. The policy to fixing our problems in government appears to be one where we expand it and then outsource it.

Last fall when the building department failed to deliver service on its five permits each day, the current administration hired a $100,000.00 per year customer service representative aka Land Use Czar. To add insult to injury he paid an expert 50,000.00 for a report (AKA The KRIT). No one was fired, the building department budget was increased double digits to nearly $900,000.00 per year all for the sake of rewarding the slovenly and outrageous behavior of a disgraceful department riddled with excuses for why they cannot perform.

When the tax collector failed to their job in collecting business taxes, the current administration again gave away the city's money to a private corporation to do the job of the tax collector. We pay that department, and its associated employees, to do the job of collecting taxes. Yet again, of the estimated $560,000.00 that is being collected by this corporation the city will be giving away $110,000.00 of it as a corporate commission.

When the school Superintendent gets arrested, no the Mayor cannot just demand he "resign," "quit," or "stop abusing the school board." He instead stays silent as he is offered $125,000.00 for allegedly sexually abusing his employees.

One must sit back in awe, and wonder why the current administration finds it easier to raise our taxes, oppose the Jonathan Law addition, and hold the taxpayers of this city accountable for the failures of the local bureacracy. Part of being the Mayor in this city, is holding city employees accountable and demanding that they not use the city as their personal "piggy bank."

While many are struggling, and having a hard time finding good work, the citizens of milford who are also to blame are enabling this very tyrannical behaviour by chosing to not get involved. The old addage of "oh my family does not discuss religion or politics" is getting old.

There is no greater Irony and comeuppance than watching those very people who believe such ignorance pack up their foreclosed house and then go cry on the shoulder of their child molesting priest.

You get the government you "pay attention to" not the one that is "advertising in your mailbox." The sooner you start to get involved in our community, the sooner you can get the thieves out of your checking accounts.

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