Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some Comments On Political Races

Today I took some time to contemplate on whether or not I wanted to reveal some of my most important tools in politics, and for those who do not know me I am a local business owner here in Milford with a penchant for local and state issues. I am also one of the key architects of the local and state Independent Party.

The reason for the revelation of one my most trusted tools, is due to the constant chatter I hear about who has a chance to win "this race" and "that race." While I sit back in amusement, I always turn to the single thing that has never let me down, the very tools of science.

While I will not talk about what I know locally, I will talk about the mathematics of outcomes itself. This science is known to the Political Science community as Game Theory. Game Theory was developed by Dr. Mesquite of New York University some years ago and uses an elaborate mathematical theory with human beings as variables.

The reason we know that Game Theory works, is because after the early results were published by Dr. Mesquite he got a visit from our friends at the Central Intelligence Agency. A few short years ago they declassified their results, and impressively "Game Theory" accurately predicted the outcome of elections 91% of the time.

The equation is arcane, and for some time esoteric and limited only to those trained in its use. While I will not subject myself to a steady stream of controversy and hate mail by declaring what I know, I will mention that there is more hype than reality in the deluge of propaganda out there in Milford.

Should any of you wish to really know what is going on and what is going to happen in the upcoming elections all I will say is that there are going to be some surprises come November. For now, and without teaching you all of the applications of a complex scientific formula, I will instead ask that you follow Dr. Mesquite and listen to his lectures for a clearer picture of our future.

The video below is on his lecture revealing his work on the Iranian threat. Watch it and follow his work intently. You will discover that in a brief period of time you will know what to be concerned about, and what not to be concerned about. You will also have a strong idea on what the future will bring to you and your family, and if anyone has any questions always feel free to e-mail me at I am always happy to help.

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