Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Milford Independents met last month with kindred spirit. Informal and fruitful discussions took place and a conclusion was made to forge ahead with the implementation and organizing of an official party.

A public gathering is now being called together by Independents Rocco J. Frank Jr., Dick Sieron and Steve Borer who also generously contributed to the expense of the upcoming gathering.

The purpose of the gathering is to agree on a set of by-laws, party leadership, and form an Independent Town Committee. A democratic approach will be used in order to adopt, and agree on a suggested set of by-laws that were provided by Mike Telesca and the CT Independent Party state central.

All people interested in participating in, and forming an Independent Town Committee must be registered with an Independent Party. Recognized qualifying parties are Independent, Milford Independent, Independent American, Independence, and American Independent parties.

The place of assembly will be at the meeting room located at Stonebridge Restaurant on Monday February 22 at 7:00 P.M.

People interested in running for an office must have their name appear on the Voter Registrar list as of Feb. 20, 2010. Party changing prior to the announced date is acceptable as long as a confirmation of party enrollment is provided. Unaffiliated voters may immediately enroll in an Independent party the night of the event. Voter registration forms and a concierge will be available onsite to assist newcomers with their registration.

Most Independents have called this gathering truly exciting and an indication of a monumental shift in the political landscape of Milford. Party insiders, organizers, and friends are looking forward to the balance, foresight, and insightful ideas to be offered by the Milford Independents who are proudly celebrating their third year in politics.

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