Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Approaches Milford

The talk all around town today is the coming snow storm expected to drop 12-18 inches of snow on our lovely community. The snow has caused many people and stores to be unusually busy today as city dwellers anxiously get all their out of home errands and shopping taken care of.

Kids are looking forward to a possible day off from school, they would prefer a fun sledding and snow party instead of the usual books and science. The threat of snow was already made last week, and much to the chagrin of the towns kids it failed to materialize beyond New Jersey and school went on as usual.

This time the storm appears to coming without fail and the weather men are telling us that this time is for real. With that in mind I plan on working late this evening so in the event I, like others, cannot make it to work in morning all my business will be taken care of today.

Hopefully all those, who did not know about the coming snow will be ready for a fun filled day of shoveling, and digging out cars. Drive carefully, and get well rested tonight; for tomorrow we will all get a lot of exercise undoing the damage caused by mother nature and the snow plows.

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