Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democrats Speak And Milford Is Glued To The T.V.

The Democratic National convention has been the top show on the tube. It is almost impossible to find someone in town that does not know what is on T.V. The speeches are great, and Barrack Obama was away on day-one visiting a family in Kansas. Today Hillary gave a flawless speech and a universal endorsement of Barrack Obama.

Many feel that Obama's biggest mistake was not picking Hillary as the Vice President. While Glenn Beck was all but impressed with Obama's choice of Delaware Senator Biden, he threw in his public reminder that Biden drew .9 percent of the delegates in his own state.

My personal thoughts on this Democratic event is one of amazement, well rehearsed speeches, constructed with cunning polling data and "silver tongues" scooping up votes, in the hope of winning our hearts and causing us to forget the past wrongs of corrupt Democrats.

What we forget is that this entire charade of a national event is solely for our amusement. Any Washington D.C. insider knows that the President, the Senate, and the House run little to nothing in Washington. The shots are called by big global industry and their associate lobbies who promise to destroy politicians who threaten their profits or challenge their elite status in the world.

Some like Speaker Pelosi set policy for profit and is accused of engaging in an unholy corporate relationship with T.Boone Pickens and his Wall Street energy Stock.

To paint the picture clearly watch the following self explanatory video of how Political action committees (PACS) buy airtime to prop up their favorite politicians and diminish others.

How soon we forget that the 9.6 trillion in national debt, the loss of jobs and industry, the collapse of national banks and the influx of illegal immigrants was a joint bipartisan effort of both parties.

Now on this great evening amid the bright lights, confetti, and grandiosity of impossible promises our hearts are being lifted yet again as they are every four years. Every election we think things will be better that the economy will improve and our country will prosper, instead the problems grow our leaders fight and gridlock shuts down the country.

Every President who does try to reverse this plight only deepens the irreversible abyss now on the horizon. With every new promise the nations printing presses print more cash to pay for things, foreigners continue to buy up that excess in our real estate and Treasury bills hence giving us the false illusion of an economy.

As the untold truth may be the Federal Reserve prints money to pay bills, then borrows more from the Chinese, and exports more to Arab oil producing nations. The purchase of Treasury bills by foreigners just shore up the currency by giving the illusion of demand. Hard to believe that one super economic power like China could destroy America in one feld swoop. Like a child America and Americans exist at the mercy of the Chinese who treat us like a child handing us money like allowance so we can continue to buy things. The math is simple, almost everything we buy is some other nations productivity and profit if the loans stop the country goes bust.

Some like David Walker a former GAO accountant said America's books are cooked, unsustainable. He even has gone so far as to resign and release a shocking documentary called IOUSA. This documentary is sounding the alarm on the unsustainable system of credit we have come to love and warns that with cradle to grave promises like health care for everybody, and social security we will have to make hard choices to pay for it all. The inside scoop in Washington is that our country is about to go bust and no one dare say a word as the political backlash will be a rude awakening and a political suicide of sorts.

Watching the continued promise of social programs and government mandates without first holding accountable the politicians and nations who robbed our country, is wrong. These so called patriots tore down our borders, robbed our industry, plundered our jobs and left us their apathy of continued loans to keep us from crying foul. They have and continue to go, not only unscathed, but rather seduce our nations people with baseless media assisted rhetoric, and all of us who dare feel the cruelty of hope act like a pandemonium of feeble minded ignorant morons cheering among masses only to be later betrayed.

Let it be known that I do understand "the audacity of hope", as there is nothing more alluring or enticing for a desperate nation to cry for real leadership. American's want to think America's problems are reversible and that with the right leadership our nation will prevail. Not to be rude or a party spoiler but according to people in the know the bill collectors are not that far off. When they come knocking on America's door the foreclosure fiasco will be upon the whole country not just our homes. Such an event could be expected to arrive in the form of global economic warfare depleting the little industry we have left. In such a scenario America and its citizens will thrive as a regional nation of domestic merchants and consultants domestically trapped under the weight of its devalued currency. Currency seen as nothing more than what it is, worthless paper. When that day arrives it will mean that we have officially been cut off from global trade.

Reports also have been arriving of America's wealthiest taking action by relocating real estate and protecting their wealth in anticipation of a dramatic economic event. With that in mind imagine that nearly 2 trillion military Pentagon dollars also have gone missing without any receipts or expenditure explanation. Why is this of little to no concern to anyone candidate? Turn off the TV tear down the curtains and realize our political system is owned and paid for by the "Man behind the curtain" aka the Global Corporate Business elite not the masters of deceit you see on T.V.

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