Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carnival Comes To North Milford

August 21st-24th a carnival sponsored by the Knights of Columbus will be arriving at Christ The Redeemer Church on East Rutland Rd. in Milford. This carnival is a fundraiser aimed at helping defray the cost of a monument to be erected there.

The monument is part of a program called Project Moses, this project is the result of a Kansas courthouse barring a similar monument from the front of the courthouse in 2000. The court ruled that such monuments are a violation of church and state. The symbolism behind this project is none other than God's law as was biblically handed down to Moses. Many of theTen Commandments are the foundation of modern day law and this monument will serve as a reminder that there is a higher power watching over us, and even for those with conflicting views ought to be reminded that these laws apply to all good people who wish to live in an honest free world.

The fair will be a celebration aimed at celebrating and supporting the historical tenet of our forefathers, that we are "one nation under God." The Knights of Columbus will also be pursuing other churches, including Saint Mary's to erect the same or similar monuments.

For any non Christians out there who do not know what the Ten Commandments are they are certainly worth re-reading as they are the original foundation for law and order in virtually every nation on earth. Click HERE FOR THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

That aside, the event is expected to be a fun family festival with food rides and lots of great entertainment. The fest will cater to kids and adults of all ages and lots of vendors and gaming booths will be on hand to win prizes. This will be a much anticipated fun time not to be missed.

To get to the fair: (Northbound) Take exit 37 High Street, go left and proceed 1/2 mile to East Rutland church is 1/2 mile on right hand side.

To get to the fair: (Southbound) Take exit 39A proceed up post Rd. 1/2 mile to High Street (Corner of 7/11) Take a right proceed 3/4 mile to East Rutland. Church is 1/2 mile on Right.

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