Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gayle Slossberg Announces Senate Bid

Gayle Slossberg announced her Senate bid yesterday on the steps of the Milford Hospital. Gayle said she chose her venue based on the tax she opposed on Hospitals throughout Connecticut. Gayle said "the Milford Hospital like most hospitals and businesses in this recession is struggling, the Tax that Hartford wanted to levy would have cost Milford Hospital over One Million Dollars in new taxes, taxes that the sick would have had to pay." Gayle said that "a hospital that is already involved in closing units and laying off people should not have to deal with the added injury of new taxation."

Gayle alleged that the only thing that stood between the new tax and the wishes of the Senate was her "resolve to fight to the late hours of the evening and early morning making a case for its defeat." Gayle said that her efforts are the principal reason "the Hospital Tax failed to become law."

Gayle said that the coming years are going to be particularly difficult for the state of Connecticut, and she promised to "protect the middle class" from new and unwarranted taxation. Gayle also said that her approach to new bills is to look at each one as they come up, she does a "Cost Benefit Analysis" and makes her decisions based on what is best for the people of her district and Connecticut.

Gayle a mother of Three also said "she wants to build a Connecticut where kids can thrive and prosper and is committed in keeping our state affordable and attractive to businesses and students who want a good education."

Gayle was greeted by several members of the local press, party leaders from all three local political parties Republican, Democrat, and Independent and is cross endorsed by the Independent Party. Gayle has been a supporter and advocate of the Citizens Election Program of which encourages candidates to take a pledge to refuse PAC funding and encourages ordinary people to participate in politics.

Gayle's main opponent this year will be once again The Orange Town Attorney Vincent Marino who challenged her on her voting record last year. He was widely remembered for his conservative stance and the signs he peppered the streets of Milford with pointing to websites challenging Gayles record.

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