Friday, May 28, 2010

Milford's Teachers's Union Failing To Protect Milford Teacher Jobs

Negotiating is simple, first both sides must be willing to negotiate. Are they? It appears not according to BOE Chairman Mark Stapleton who said "the problem could be worse next year" and warnings are emerging from DC that the Fed's will hold back 1.5 Million in school funding threatening more teachers jobs.

Second, in a fair negotiation both sides give up a little. The Taxpayers of Milford agree to pay a little more tax, the teachers union agrees to to take a little less of a raise.

Without compromise there is no progress on education. The taxpayers will not stand to take the entire burden of the flawed binding arbitration deal that was set in Hartford.

The teachers Union has a job of protecting its teachers, not hoarding their benefits, raises, and demanding excessive taxes.

Not to be rude but many of these teachers do not even live in Milford and could care less about our taxes because they do not have to pay them.

That is why, a school is closed and many teachers, albeit are not currently fired will be fired soon you can count on it.

The union is going to have to come up with something better than the "Education Outrage Machine" and for those of you who think we are not in a Depression should look up the fraudulent CERC figures for Milford.

Cerc Claims that our Employed Workforce is 30,834 people out of 54,040 in 2009. When you eliminate everyone over the age of 65 (assuming they are retired) and everyone under the school age of 18 you have 37,925 people eligible for work. (18-65 Range only). Add 7,091 people who are not counted to the ranks of the unemployed. My point is that the fraudulent figure put out the Federal Government is Dead Wrong! There are more than 8,000 unemployed people in Milford.

This does not count kids who are 16 and 17 looking for Summer Jobs, or the working elderly who could not retire.

Also if we look at the housing market for Milford at, you will notice that Milford has 489 homes for sale of which 112 homes are in some form of Foreclosure. That represents 22% of all homes for sale in town as being foreclosures, and yes Prices are plummeting, sales are plummeting and there is no more Home buyer credits.

For anyone to doubt we are in a Depression is a Fool, believing the fraud from the Washington DC Fraud and lie factory is what is wrong with many of you who believe in the non-sense that you are fed.

For a long time, when we were all kids we all knew the Tooth Fairy was real, Santa was real, and yes the Easter Bunny Too.

Today all of them are in Washington DC selling out our country to a Global Banking cabal who hates our way of life and is intent on destroying our Austerity through any scam they can think of. Derivatives, new taxes, credit default swaps, naked short selling, wars, etc.. etc..

The sooner you all wake up the sooner we can responsibly go about taking care of our business here in Milford.

Unemployment in Milford is not 1,571 people its more like 8,000.

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