Monday, May 3, 2010

Mexican Invaders Threaten All Of America

The problem of illegal immigration is going to persist for many years to come. Arizona recently passed a law that few liberal minded people really understand. What I have done to help highlight the tragic invasion of illegal immigrants into America is post the above photo whereby the person holding it is alleging to "kill more police officers unless they get a job, a free house, free food, and no taxes."

The image was posted at Alex Jones's whereby articles there state that America has been infiltrated with an estimated 50 Million illegal immigrants many of its most violent are responsible for 17,000 drug related murders last year alone on the U.S. border.

The U.S. Border is officially the most violent border on earth surpassing every gulf war in the last decade. Our Washington leaders refuse to help or support law enforcement officers like Sheriff Arpao who for years was threatened and harassed for doing his job of fighting illegals. Recently Lou Dobbs a media reporter and critic of illegal immigration resigned from the news when he and his family's home was shot at.

Connecticut, mainly lower fairfield county is a "magnet state" for illegal immigrants. Most come to America to usurp our laws, and prey on the very benefits created to care for legal U.S. citizens. What they found here was a liberal Democrat welcome wagon intent on assimilating them into a large Democratic voting block to defeat Republicans.

While this cruel game has been ongoing for a decade, America has been destabilized and overwhelmed with taxes to fund the strain placed as a result of the free entitlements that have to be paid out to this invading population.

These people come from a country, whereby you would be extorted arrested and imprisoned for crossing into their country's border illegally. These are also the same people who reduced Mexico into a Third World "hell hole" and now the same is beginning to happen in "America." Kudos to Arizona's Governor and her new illegal immigration law and the 70+ percent of the states population who demanded the bill.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. I am an Anglo living for now in El Paso. These scum Mexicans have crossed the border and taken over and do have plans to retake what they fee they lost in 1848. They come here and are rude and threaten us with violence if we confront them on their behavior and their racism. I recently lost my job due to out sourcing to China or India and cannot find another job here because we have a Mexican/Chicano majority who block white people from being able to find work - even if like me they have advanced degrees. I had been a teacher but was fired for my questioning some of the disgusting practices of the Catholic Church. Isn't it strange that these Mexicans support a church of pedophiles when they are so family oriented? Not really. Rape of children and incidence of incest are so common among these scumbags that we are regaled at least three times a week by stories on the local news of child sex abuse and rape. And who are the culprits, Mexicans and Hispanic-Mexicans (Mexicans born in the USA).The political situation in El Paso resembles that of Juarez. Corruption, payoffs, patronage, incompetence, etc, etc, etc. We have an Anglo mayor (John Cook)and city manager (Joyce Wilson) but they are tokens to keep the few of us Anglos here because without us the city would collapse. The Chicanos (Cesar Chavez want to be's) on City Council are laughable yahoos who could screw up a ham sandwich. Our mayor sits on his ass and plays his guitar and sing songs he writes about his family and El Paso which suck, tries to sell his BBQ sauce, and now (at the behest of city-council) is trying to force business that have opened on Fort Bliss to pay taxes to El Paso. That right Mayor Crook, anger Fort Bliss and maybe they will leave too. Then the city will really look like a Mexican shithole. The answer to this issue is simple. Use the armed forces on the border to shot all illegals who are crossing the border - they are an alien invasion, and begin bombing Mexico City until they surrender and force their people to stay at home.