Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Banks On The Green

Soon going downtown Milford will be a Bankers Paradise, this is because the old Harrison's Hardware store is being "eyed" by TD Bank North for their latest branch. They made their presentation before Zoning and Planning recently and of course, the very reaction from the board was "not good."

Most board members do not want the downtown Milford Landscape to be overwhelmed by banks. Should TD Bank prevail in its quest for Harrison's Hardware that would mark a Fifth large and imposing Bank in an area of about 100 Yards.

Currently, Downtown has a full size, Peoples, Webster, Bank of America, Milford Bank, and a Hudson United Bank. Then of course we have the added Mortgage Bankers to include a former Countrywide, (Now another BofA) and Personas Mortgage Co. I suppose a TD Bank added to the mix would certainly be hyping the dysfunctional landscape of Attorney's and Court Houses.

While some might be impervious to these economic anomalies, others are thankfully more aware and are wondering when the new creed for the Milford Business Association will read "Welcome to Downton Milford, a great place to Eat, Bank, & Sue Someone." I say this with sardonic humor, but all one has to do is look at who owns all the most valuable real estate on the Green and the answer is obvious. The type of downtown we build, and the kinds of businesses we nurture and encourage is a reflection on our community. If everyone loved Bankers and Lawyers we would be in great shape, however we try to cover that malaise with our Great Food establishments of which are packed with bankers and lawyers buying lunch with forclosure money and overdraft fees.

The first thing an outside visitor to Milford does is drive up and down the Town Green, and the nature of the businesses that reside on the Green are usually the first impression someone gets of our community. Restaurants are certainly nice but all the Banks and Legal Malaise are surely a disappointment and something to be concerned about.

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