Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Illegal Dumping At Gulf Pond May Be A Town Policy Issue. (Opinion)

This problem occurrs as a result of the city of Milford charging a fee to use their dump. As a candidate for State Representative here in Milford (www.rfrank118.com ) I have been proposing that the town dump follow the same policy as the recycling center in Wesport.

Westport rarely has illegal dumping because there is no charge to use the dump. Many contractors are already using random garbage dumpsters around town and making small business owners upset. Even my office in Milford on New Haven Ave. is victim to mysterious piles of garbage appearing in the dark of night.

The cost of performing routine illegal dumping cleanups certainly must erode the small fees they collect, it makes no sense to have our city drop all their garbage on the curb each year for free, but we cannot use the city dump without paying a paltry few dollars.

What I propose is to eliminate the unsightly periodic street garbage dumping and make it free at the source. Hence, if revenue is an issue fines can be increased to install surveilance equipment at specific illegal dump sites.

Every problem dump site should have a sign directing people of consequences of illegal dumping and an advisory re-directing them to the town dump where they can unload for free.

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