Thursday, February 14, 2008

Something's Strange With Our City Water

These were the first words that came to mind after I learned that 90 plus million plastic water bottles were contaminating our landfills each year. But the bigger question remained why are so many people drinking bottled water to begin with? To me the answer was as simple as looking to my tap water.

Where I live here in Milford I have city water, I called the water company and asked them about water safety and additives to our tap water. What I learned is what I already knew from my earlier days selling water filters for a company, now out of business, Aqualife. What the water company uses to treat our public water is Chlorine, to kill pathogens or germs, and then adds fluoride of which is touted as being good for our teeth.

Congress once said that water filtration at “point of use” is the best remedy to protect ourselves against these contaminants and others. Many people have refrigerators with built in water filters that use carbon to remove many toxins, like lead and mercury. These filters will actually purge toxins and make you sick if you do not change them as required by the terms of use specified on each unit.

None of this was the eye opener for me; the eye opener was our loving Governments concern for our teeth. I was really floored that our country cared so much about me and my family that they would go through great lengths to protect the "Pearly Whites" of me and my family. Than I realized that this is rather out of character for our country and there must be more to it. I then learned that Fluoride is an industrial pollutant subject to grave tort litigation 50 or so years ago. Today they cut it with lead and arsenic and then add it to our city drinking water at two parts per million. America also uses it as a crop pesticide (we eat with our fruits and vegetables,) and we then brush our teeth with it.

Fluoride is the second most toxic substance on the periodic table (except it be radio active), second only to mercury. Most nations like Japan and China refuse to put it in their water and the science behind its application and benefits is hotly contested across many scientific disciplines.

To protect my self and family (at a substantial cost) I purchased a reverse osmosis or RO unit and plan to hook it up immediately. The bottled water dilemma I believe is as basic as human emotional intelligence. The same way a deer moves to a cleaner pond when the water is unfit for consumption so have we to bottled water.

Appalled by what I have learned, I have placed complaints to the water safety people in Hartford (who declined comment on Fluoride safety,) my local Aquarion water company (who admits its controversial,) I sat down with a representative in Hartford at the DEP who I educated about this information, called the attorney generals office to state a complaint and called Congressman Shays office and spoke with his intern who will hopefully share my thoughts with Chris some time soon.

Anyone who reads this article today needs to watch the video below. This is just to get you started; I also recommend you engage in your own research for the protection of your family. Most at risk are babies and young children who can develop a multitude of health problems from excessive fluoride consumption. Anyone with dental Fluorosis, toothpaste poisoning, or fluoride induced illnesses are urged to seek legal advice against the manufacturers of Fluoride and consequentially the state of CT for having a General Statue mandating the introduction of poison in our drinking water. Also note that some baby juices have been reported as having as much as three times the safe limit of the drug in the juice.

Fluoride health hazards include induced infertility, induced thyroid function, induced sexual dysfunction, dental fluororis, cancer, ADD, ADHD, MS, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and a host of other conditions. There is no benefit to the water injected drug and should be removed from our water in the same manner Asian countries have done.

Enjoy the video.

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