Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lin's Fortune Runs Out

Part of what I said about 2008 and the economy is becoming a local reality. Lin's a newly established restaurant at the Post Mall has "thrown in the towel." This knowledge came to me when I arrived at the Milford mall last night and noticed a curtain draped across the windows.

Curious as I am, I decided to check their hours posted on the door inside the mall and sure enough they were closed when the hours claimed they should be open. I walked up to a couple places and peeked behind one of the drapes and noticed there were no tables to be seen. I got the feeling that the entire restauraunt was emptied and the curtains just kept "busy bodies" like me to mind my own business.

Certainly I wanted to know what was going on, and since I had some business at the the AT&T store I thought I would casually ask the clerk. To my amazement I found a person who said he "loves chinese" food. However, he indicated he never ate there. I suppose we could imagine why. My partner at home, also a chinese food fan, (I have all the tupperware to prove this) made a similar snied remark.

My experience with Lynn's was at the chamber of commerce here in Milford where I remember them attending many meetings. One meeting in particular at the Daniel Street Pub was the most memorable. Lynn was very well dressed friendly and polite and we all wished him good fortune. The chamber being the activists they were also did a good deal of promoting for them.

While I cannot say for certain what led to Linn's closing, I will say that the Milford Mall is a very expensive place to do business, and food is very competitive. Lynn's being far removed from the food court, and occupying a rather expensive large parcel of space, may have hindered its ability to effectively compete with the upstairs food court. It may also have been economic circumtances surrounding the woes of the greater economy, or perhaps a little of both. In either case it always pains me to see bad fortune come to fledgling businesses and often wonder what could be done to incubate startup's from the high risk of "going under."

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