Monday, February 11, 2008

Teachers Wife Abused By Police Officers


The continual flow of political apathy, and a post 9/11 era (where the ideals of an undeclared marshall law in our nation, has led to brazen acts of tyranny against good people in American towns) has now come to haunt ordinary hard working Americans. Acts of extreme police brutality (like the one in this video), excessive surveilance, and a suspension of our basic liberties in the name of our security has resulted in a new country where police have less accountability and more power than ever before.

The video below, is not an isolated incident, but rather one of many thousands that go on each month across our country. Happily I will say that this tyrannical crime has not occurred in our town, but I will say that if it happened elsewhere it is not entirely impossible that it could not happen here. This woman, was the wife of a school teacher who I promise is no longer apathetic to politics. I suggest we not wait until this happens here before before we take action.

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