Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peggy Rogers Announces GOP Bid For Congress

For some time I have been hearing that Peggy Rogers was intent on a bid for congress, the first word I received was from a nearby competitor of hers in the automotive industry who indicated that she was very vocal about her intentions earlier this year at a trade show meeting in the automotive sector.

Last elections, we met up at the polls at Orange Ave. and in a brief conversation we exchanged information and had a brief discussion about her ambitious intentions and what her immediate needs were.

Peggy and I also share a very zealous and energetic Independent minded person from my Lexington Green Development. Lorraine Murphy, Lorraine was an instrumental volunteer, who helped me raise money, work at the polls and get out the vote of the Independent party.

Peggy, the beneficiary of Ms. Murphy's services is the owner of the landmark auto collision center down in the center of town that most everyone recognizes as Center Auto Body. Peggy is seeking the Republican endorsement, and will be in competition with several other pre-announced contenders of the Republican party.

Should she prevail in winning a Republican endorsement, her most formidable opponent will be the politically battered Democrat Rosa Delauro, Rosa is in a weak position this year, especially after the last election results that were a crushing defeat of the Dem's ideology. Adding to the Delauro problem, is her political alignment with Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd and her refusal to Co-Sponsor a bill to audit the Federal Reserve. Delauro also drew national fire when she introduced a bill to federalize the family farm, and put big-agra corporations like Monsanto in control of our local farm rules.

Rogers, will also need over a million plus dollars to run an effective campaign, and money is on the side of Delauro as like all incumbent Congressmen possess a war chest full of special interest money that a "long shot" like Rogers will not have access to.

This could change if the Republican state Party Central decides to bring down their top Celebrity politicians and do the $1,000.00 a plate fundraisers to meet some top brass like Governor Rell, or maybe a member of the Bush clan. However, the likelihood of this happening might be a large task for a newcomer to politics.

Peggy certainly has the credentials to run, as she holds a masters degree and is a small business owner who like all others is living under the tyrannical rule of Washington D.C. and suffering by way of their monumental mistakes. She is outspoken and very energetic and she is also welcome to run as an Independent in the event the Republican "Boys Club" "kick her to the curb."

Republican Tom Jagodinski already "doomed her candidacy with this remark in the CT post:"

"Milford GOP Chairman Tom Jagodzinski said that Labriola has name recognition -- his father ran for the U.S. Senate several years ago -- and has fundraising connections within the party, but Rogers is a strong entry into the race. "We'll be able to field a strong team, and there are a number of factors in our favor," Jagodzinski said."

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