Thursday, December 17, 2009

Schiff HQ Grand Opening A Great Success

The 2010 candidate for the US Senate, Peter Schiff launched the grand opening of his state central HQ in Milford CT this evening. Some notable local guests were in attendance to lend their warm and welcoming support.

Tom Jagodinski the Milford GOP Chair as well as local alderman Frank Goodrich were present. U.S. House candidate Peggy Rogers showed up, tea party patriots, Ron Paul enthusiasts and virtually every member of the Milford Independent Party.

Peter Schiff supporters packed the room so tightly that it was often hard to move among the crowd. Schiff gave his expected stump speech condemning the wasteful ways of the Washington crowd, he said we need to send "Obama and his entire administration back home." Schiff also gained high praises from the audience when he said he is not intent on "making friends in the Senate" if he "ticked every one of them off thats fine, especially if they stand in the way of progress."

Schiff later pointed to his son and said "the most important reason driving me to run is so that my son has a better shot at a future." Schiff pointed out that volunteers are needed and will be key to victory. He believes he has the support, and unlike McMahon he will not have to "pay his supporters to get the job done," he said "people are going to help out because they believe in the principals of liberty and freedom that I stand to deliver."

Overall the night was spectacular, over 300 people from all over our state attended, one person was notably mentioned as having relocated to Milford, from Las Vegas, just to help Peter make it to the finish line.

Quite sadly the event got little coverage, especially from the CT post who was e-mailed by me personally ahead of this event. Hopefully any reporters reading this post today will take notice of an incredible missed opportunity.

Thankfully, Connecticut Bob shot video of the event, and we will make that available as soon as he posts a link to it.

(Above photo of me (Rocco J. Frank Jr.) and Peter Schiff)

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