Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday's Bring Christmas Cheer

Last Sunday, my family and and I had our Fourth annual holiday party. The snow certainly was an inconvenience but the party was none-the-less a great success. Usually I do not share much on my blogs about my holiday endeavors, but this year was rather exceptionally special.

What made it special, was a summons by one of my guests. He came to me and said "nice touch Rock way to get the carolers here." Certainly I was perplexed, because I had no plan or organization of any carolers in my annual repertoire of holiday activities.

About a dozen of us left the warmth of my home, and braved the cold weather only to observe about twenty neighbors of mine standing on the corner, facing my home singing a holiday cheer.

The carolers, were uplifting, they brought a smile to us all, and they told a tale of the cold weather courage some people have in my neighborhood to overcome the grinches of Christmas.

This year the holiday season is strong with many united families who have put up lights, peppered their lawn with illuminated Santa's and reindeer, and done much creative work to amuse all of us.

My many thanks to all the light decors, and the carolers who made not just my night, and that of all my guests, a special one, but to every other family out there as well who has not yet enjoyed the spirit of the holiday as we did.

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