Monday, December 21, 2009

Milford's First Snow Storm

Early yesterday morning, the neighbors were out en-masse with their shovels and snow blowers. Mother nature dropped Ten inches of snow on our lovely town, turning it into a picturesque New England Community.

The roads were expediently plowed on all major routes, some of the lesser traveled routes were the last to be bailed out. Winter snow plow companies were especially happy, especially with the timing of the storm. In previous years, the snow plow business was hit hard with warmer weather, but according to my snow removal source, Andrew Falcone, in the last few years the snow has been re-surging.

He said we had more snow in New England in the last few years than at any time during the last decade. He expects that 2010 is going to be a colder snowier banner year. He expects the unusually cold weather throughout the nation to travel up to New England.

"Colder weather equals more profits" says Andrew Falcone a residential snow removal company business owner. Andrew intently follows the weather, and often works through the night. Andrew said: "On a storm like this I can reap $15,000.00 in revenue in a 16Hr shift with one truck in one night."

He expects that others will rush to enter the snow removal business as word spreads of the profitability from even small $50-$100 snow removal jobs. Andrew believes that this is going to be a great seasonal business in the years to come and looks forward to purchasing additional plows and trucks as his business expands.

When asked about global warming Andrew laughed, and said "I am no scientist but I believe it's snowing in CT like it always does every winter... if these people are right why is that happening?"

Andrew said "I can't run my business based on the fear that palm trees will be growing on the green, that's just not realistic, Right now I am more concerned with illegal immigrants driving uninsured trucks running illegal businesses that put legal businesses out of business, why is the government not worried about that?"

Mr. Falcone's remarks are certainly not that off the mark, and after hearing about the abject failure of the Copenhagen climate conference there is good reason to believe that the intuition of every day winter workers is "spot on."

Over the last month, and ahead of this storm we heard lots of talk about "Climategate." For those of you who may not know what Climategate is, that was an e-mail leak, resulting in a monumental blow to the Al Gore global warming gang.

While the debate was supposed to be over, few people in Copenhagen "took the bait" the climate conference fell apart, however the basic infrastructure was set up paving the way for a form of global taxation in the name of what is no longer dubbed "global warming" but rather the more elusive "Climate Change."

For all those out there losing sleep over the fear of rising oceans and "Bahamas style" winters here in Milford, you can rest assured that will not be happening in our lifetime. For today we ought to be more concerned with our nation's President violating the Logan Act rather than the chaos of Coppenhagen or the illusion of warmer winters in Milford.

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