Monday, December 28, 2009

The Late Milford Diner Seeks New Lease On LIfe

Community passion, and dedication to the Milford Diner is now center stage. Unfortunately the Diner/restaurant will most likely never serve another meal. This is because the kitchen that was once used decades ago does not meet the building and safety codes of today and the ECD office has no interest in pursuing another restauraunt in an area that has limited parking and excessive costs attached.

The Milford department of Economic and Community Development (ECD) has instead set up a 501-C3 style corporation that is charitable in nature. Donations made during future fund raisers like that recently held at Stone Bridge restaurant will be tax deductible.

Organizers of these charitable events, planned on restoring the Milford Diner as a Visitors Center to Milford. This center would be useful during the many "on the green" events that bring in out of town people. This could also double as a vehicle to direct consumers to local businesses and attractions in our area.

Although the cost of the Diner restoration is far from met, the committee chair, and its members are optimistic that through future fundraisers they will reach their restoration goal of $80,000.00. This high cost is due to Initial engineering and construction reports that estimate the cost of full restoration to be that much.

The main contact person for this project is Genevieve Salvatore, and the Milford Diner project has its own website with regular updates, and upcoming events. Their website is

Photos courtesy of the milford diner website.

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