Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Code Red" Alert Issued In Milford's North End

After a rash of burglaries in the north end of Milford, the local Police Department went on high alert. Chief Mello ordered a higher police presence in the post Rd, Orange area of Milford. The "Code Red" warning system, an automated high speed dialer, was also used to call area residents and warn them to be vigilant and watchful of their property.

Early reports, indicate that two men in a dark colored vehicle were breaking into homes. One report suggests that a garage window was broken and the latch to the garage was manually released hence making it possible to break in.

Other reports indicate that these crimes took place at the point of entry to the rear of the targeted houses. The doors were sometimes inadvertently left unlocked, or were breached by the burglars.

There has been no mention by the police of what items were stolen, or what the value of those items were. These crimes are also on the heels of other burglaries that took place on Riverdale Ave. in Devon earlier this year.

Homeowners are asked to please set their alarms, notify their neighbors if they leave for vacation and lock all their doors. Anyone with information, or is witness to suspicious activity in our community is urged to call the Milford Police Department immediately. Their phone number is 203-878-6551

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