Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Peter Schiff Opens State HQ In Milford

Libertarian Republican Peter Schiff will be opening his campaign HQ in Milford, CT on Old Gate Lane right near the Independent Party HQ on New Haven Ave. Peter Schiff, has raised over $1.25 Million Dollars to run for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Christopher Dodd.

The opening of the Schiff HQ is Thursday December 17th 130 Old Gate Lane Unit A in Milford, CT. Several members of the Milford Independent Party will be in attendance including myself (Rocco J. Frank Jr.) to support Mr. Schiffs bid for the Senate.

The Independent HQ annex will also be working with Schiff's state HQ to assist in getting him elected. There are several contenders for the Republican nomination this year including WWF heavy weight contender Linda McMahon. The Republican State Central also has their favorite candidate Rob Simmons. Independents have entered Dr. John Mertens as their official Party Candidate. Peter Schiff's strategy has been to adopt a policy of Republican infiltration, as he views this as being more desirable than running on a 3rd party platform not embraced by the voters.

This policy was conveyed to the Connecticut Libertarian party where Schiff on occassion spoke. In his previous lecture he advised all Libertarians in the state of Connecticut, that if they were serious about winning elections they would be better off to disband and join forces with a major party. Doing so would provide for the Libertarian philosophy to embed itself into the Republican Party paradigm without taking on a 3rd party handicap.

Peter Schiff was also endorsed by Libertarian Republican Ron Paul, who gave us the now famous H.R. 1207 with 318 Co-Sponsors. This is the bill to audit the Federal Reserve. Paul endorsed Schiff after learning that his understanding of macroeconomic policies, combined with his stellar track record for economic predictions, earned him a position of high honor on just about every financial news network in America.

We encourage all like minded freedom loving people to join us this Thursday to make the event a monumental success and welcome Peter Schiff to Milford. The Official Schiff For Senate website is www.schiffforsenate.com

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