Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 25th Celebrating Sol Invictus

The movie is in the theaters as we speak, but few know that Invictus is the Roman god of war, a pagan holiday embraced by Constantine to bring good fortune to the Roman soldiers fighting invading Barbarians.

While Christians celebrate this day as the birth of Christ, the real date may not be what we think. Experts in history and religious archaeology believe that the true date of Christ's birth is sometime in March, 7 B.C. This may be a surprise to all of you who have a Manger under your tree at the moment.

However, I will not spoil the festivities but invite you not to feel so bad about the commercialization of the holiday. Gift giving can be a guilt driven detraction from the Lord's birthday celebration.

Since we all love Saint Nick ("Santa Claus") and the tradition of holiday gift giving, all us Christians could save our day of prayer and celebration for the later March date.

Until that day arrives just know that holiday gift giving is not really a commercial distraction from anything holy. History and archaeology think differently. Christmas day was established at the Council of Nicea for political reasons and is little more than a date set over 1,700 years ago.

(Photo above of an artifact depicting the Roman Pagan God of war Invictus)

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