Monday, August 9, 2010

Independent Party To Appear At The Milford Oyster Festival

The Milford Independent Party will be present at the annual Milford Oyster Festival this August. We will be located in the "non-profit" section of the Oyster Festival usually located near the flag pole section of the Milford Town Green.

This year will be a slightly different format as the event will require patrons to pay a small entrance fee. At the MIP booth we expect to have several visiting statewide candidates, including Tom Marsh and Cicero Booker (Independent Candidates for Gov. and Lt Gov.) Warren Mosler (Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate) along with Boaz Itshaki (Independent candidate for Congress). Also in attendance will be Rocco Frank (local Independent Candidate for Milford's State Representative.)

We encourage all visitors to stop by, show your support ask questions engage in discussions and register with the Independent Party as a future volunteer or possible candidate.

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