Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rosa Delauro Exposed As A Communist

The above photo appeared in today's New Haven Register. It shows that Rosa Delauro is sympathetic to Communists in America. In previous years she has voted for and supported every socialistic and communist program introduced by Congress. The caption on the photo at the Register reads as follows:

"Joelle Fishman of New Haven, chair of the Communist Party USA's political action commission, second from left, greets Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, left, before DeLauro speaks at the People's Center in New Haven as local groups gather there together to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Social Security. (Peter Hvizdak/Register)"

Please vote Communists out of our Republic as they have "NO PLACE IN AMERICA."


tessa said...

You don't know what you are talking about.

Joelle Fishman is a great woman, who devotes herself full time to helping the poor and disenfranchised of New Haven and the rest of the area. She offers space for free to community groups, organizes lectures and poetry readings, and advocates for the middle class.

What have you done lately?

Anonymous said...

She could do all that as an American you need not adverise you are a Communist or worse yet hug, kiss aid and abet an admitted Communist its un-American. If she loves communism so much have her work in Cuba, or perhaps with Kim Jung Ill

Anonymous said...

Not your father's communist party.

I agree that the regimes of Kim Jung Ill and Fidel Castro are perfect examples of bad government. But, at the same time, these regimes are are also not examples communism (as Glenn Beck will have you believe.)

I would postulate that there are NO examples of real communism working in the world. I can say the same thing of real democracy. (Maybe I agree with Glenn Beck here.)

Political science absolutes - socialism, democracy, communism, benevolent dictator, anarchy, supranational, or caliphate -
should not be a basis for condemning a good person. We all should have the devotion that Joelle has to helping the poor.

Mike Brown

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...


I respect you greatly, and amire your committment to the Democratic party. There are few people like you who are willing to be aggressively involed in politics these days so we "tow the line" for all those individuals out there who are little more than victims or as I like to call them "Generation Debt."

My issues with Rosa are well documented, her Food Safety and Modernization Act ushers in "Codex Alimentarius" and surrenders control of our heirloom seeds, our freedom to farm locally and much more. It is a terrible bill that ushers in genetically modified food and give the WTO and WHO enormous power over our food trade. Most local farmers will not be able to comply and will likely go out of business.

Rosa's mission has always been clear. When she defended April Capone Almond after her arrest that was feminism. When she joined Pelosi on a 200,000 taxpayer paid for flight so she could kiss the ring of someone who called her a "Baby killer" that was an excusable paradox.

Kissing the leader of a Communist party is about the most honest thing I have seen from Delauro as she is a true believer in the socialist/communist agenda of the most far left in the Democratic party.

There was a day when being an American required politicians to take ownership of their country, be proud of it and work so that moral hazard were replaced with the great feeling of accomplishment one gets from hard work and feeling productive at the end of the day.

I know she has a big heart and wants to give a "hand out" to every person out there who is crying out, unfortunately she is outmoded, outnumbered, and obsolete.

There is no place in America for unfunded entitlements, and liberal policies that result in crisis after crisis. The End Game is here.

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