Monday, August 30, 2010

Milford Probate Judge Beverly Streit-Kefalas Campaigning Hard

Milford has an interesting race for the probate court this year. The Orange and Milford courts (and many other state courts) have been merged in an effort to save the state of Connecticut Millions of dollars. This makes this years election for Probate judge interesting as we have two incumbent judges from two different courts and political parties opposing one another.

Over the weekend I personally met with Judge Beverly Kefalas and we had the opportunity to speak in a rather campaign style way. She and I spoke while she was out on the campaign trail and in the local community. It was nice that she knew of me and my reputation with the work of the Milford Independent party, and I took pleasure in getting to know her, and her work in the court a little better as well.

Although our time was short the initial impression she made was really good, and we left each other in a manner that was in agreement with the high standards and principles that are emblematic of the Independent Party in Milford. We agreed that our leaders telling us the Truth is the most important attribute we can demand.

As a judge she also recognized that any Republican party judge under the direction of the demanding Richetelli administration would likely become an "activist Judge" who owes the Mayor and its party leadership favors in exchange for the campaign money and influence given him. This would impair and impede his ability to be Independent and impartial to the public.

Time and again the Milford Republican's have made their activism clear, we saw this when Kevin Liddy was denied his run as a Republican over his unacceptable vote on the P&Z, again when Cynthia Anger was Fired for not following orders, we saw this when RTC Member Tom Byrne was ejected from the RTC for challenging the mayor and again and again for every open minded individual who dared criticize the autocratic and plutocratic style of the angry Republican leadership in Milford.

The judge of probate is a very important position it requires a full time attorney, who is not distracted by their private practice to get the job done. Although the Independent party has been critical of candidates of both parties, we believe that Beverly will act on her own independent intuitions without the undue and negative influence of a political party. While we cannot comment on the nature of her opponent we can dismiss our support for him based on the history of the law breaking party he is affiliated with.

This I say with confidence and on the basis of factual information. This information can be obtained by evaluating the mounting lawsuits against the present administration. Lawsuits so prevalent that they have nearly depleted the entire legal defence fund in many areas of the city.

Most notably these challenges have been severest in education lawsuits and citywide litigation. Litigation that seems to get "stickier" every year. I believe that many of Milfords legal challenges were avaoidable had the present leadership not treated the law as a mere platitude to be ignored.

While we do not accuse or hold any of the Republican candidates this year personally responsible for the negligent actions of their party, we do challenge their judgement for associating with such a troubled group of individuals in the first place.

It is important to note that the the Independent party, without predjudice, has "cross endorsed" other Republican candidates including a U.S. congressional candidate in the Fifth District, Tom Marsh(Chester 1St. Selectman)we have also supported Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, and Invited Peter Schiff to Milford. However, the parties and people associated with those campaigns were embraced because they lack the personal and individual defects of many select members of the current Milford Republican Party.

The Independent Party has adopted the the motto "veritas" based on the tenet "that only the Truth Will Set You Free." We believe that Judge Beverly is the better candidate by virtue of the Time she is allocating to the job she is running for, and our opinion that the Democrats in Milford tend to be more truthful and honest than the Republicans. After meeting Judge Beverly in person, I am confident to say, that the Independent party, who has no candidate for the Probate office, really likes what she stands for and what she alleges she will do for us. We believe she will be a better choice than her opponent and I urge all Independent voters in our organization to vote for Beverly Streit-Kefalas on election day.

Below Article Published: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 in the New Haven Register

MILFORD — Judge Beverly Streit-Kefalas has announced her candidacy for re-election as judge of probate and seeks election to serve as judge of the Milford-Orange Probate Court, a newly merged court effective in January 2011.

As Milford’s full-time probate judge, Streit-Kefalas has 20 years of experience as a lawyer and nearly 12 years as probate judge to serve Milford and Orange full time, she said in a statement.

Streit-Kefalas’ statement said: “It has been a distinct honor to serve the people of Milford and their families during times of crisis and in times of joy.

“Since taking office in 1999, I have worked to protect abused and neglected children, appointed conservators for elderly residents in need of assistance, and guardians for intellectually challenged adults, as well as bringing families together in adoption ceremonies. To me, it is all about family.”

Judge Streit-Kefalas in state role

April 7, 2010 at 11:42 am by Frank Juliano Connecticut Post Blog

Judge Beverly K. Streit-Kefalas has been elected the first vice president of the Connecticut Probate Assembly, her second statewide post.

“I am honored to be selected by my fellow judges as an officer of the Assembly. In that role, I look forward to working on a state-wide basis to continue our efforts to improve services to the public and the probate system as a whole,” she said.

Re-Elect Judge Beverly Streit-Kefalas
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Above Photo of CT Rep. Dick Roy and Beverly Streit-Kefalas


Anonymous said...

As a conscienctious voter, I am applauded that you are stupping to dirty polltics about a jugde who is above reproach! You should retract this statement and apologize.

Anonymous said...

This race is not about politics,it is about the best person for the job.The fact that you are allowing this blog to exist speaks volumes about your character.Your opponent
judge Carangelo has shown his true character by running a clean campaigne!

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Personally I have nothing against Mr. Carrangelo. I am certain he is a nice person and has all of the wonderful attributes he speaks of. My concern is his choice of a party and his silence over their lawbreaking practices.

As a Lawman what is his opinion on the overwhelmingly Republican Police Department Speeding and accidentaly destroying evidence?

What is his opinion over Cynthia Anger Being Fired for speaking her mind?

What is his opinion over Bob Adams being Fired because he was with the wrong Party?

What is his opinion of Tom Byrne, and Kevin Lyddy being punished for speaking their minds?

What is his opinion on the Mayor Lying two times about his whereabouts while in rehab?

We can go on about the Superintendent and the Mistakes made there after Firn was fired for bad behavior.

We can talk about the Krit report and how an illegal vacation/bonus payment was attempted to Mr. Novak.

We can even talk about the Mayors Ct Post Endorsement sign at Orange ave, clearly illegal but the Zoning officer Linda Stock looked the other way.

We can talk about the Richetelli tax cut lie!

Why would Mr. Colangelo wish to affiliate with such a criminal prone party? I question his judment.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again; The Democrats try to paint every Republican as stupid or a crook.
I have known Judge Carangelo for many years and his integrity, compassion and experience are unsurpassed.
It makes me laugh to read about the corruption of the local republicans.
This from the party that gave us the worst president in history.
We now have a tax evader as treasury secretary, financial legislation written by a senator who took bribes from the institution he regulated and another who had placed a prostitute on the government payroll. And the list could go on.