Saturday, August 14, 2010

Personal Note From Rocco J. Frank Jr.

Few people really know their elected leaders and officials personally. I will take no exception to the fact that my opponents are formidable candidates. As I understand it, they both are very active in local politics, but last election each chose not to run for the 118Th. This year with Barbara Lambert out they are interested in the job.

Personally, and having worked tirelessly in the last few years for the CT Independent Party, I am no stranger to politics. I am also a small business owner here in Milford, CT who understands the delicate balance between taxes and job creation. My company is called the ComputerFox and like many people here in Milford I provide a trade to the community of which supports my family, and my employees families.

My two children are currently both in High School and Middle School. My eldest step-daughter is just starting off her career as a teacher, and my youngest step-daughter attends Jonathan Law High School. I have a total of four children three girls and one boy. I have two wonderful children from my first marriage and I have two fantastic children with my current partner, who has dedicated her life to her family as a homemaker and a mother.

My father, Rocco J. Frank, Sr., is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, who has lived and practiced in CT and Milford almost his entire career. My parents have, for over 2 decades, and still currently own and operate the Westport Animal Hospital. I have two brothers, one of which is also a Veterinarian, one sister, and a very large extended family.

Together we have lived in several CT towns, including Westport, Southport, and Milford, and I personally have lived in Hamden, & Berlin. I own ComputerFox stores in Milford, Norwalk, & Fairfield. My Fraternal lodge is in Stratford. With this mentioned it is safe for me to say I am no stranger to the local communities, people and politics of many Southern CT Municipalities.

Over the last five years I have also been active in several CT Masonic lodges in key leadership positions and have also been a member of the Milford Chamber of Commerce, the Fairfield Kiwanis Club and the Better Business Bureau. I am a past member of the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association as well a former Per Diem contractor for the state of CT as a Special Deputy Sheriff appointed by the then Elected High Sheriff Ed Mak.

My education and training are all local to the state of Connecticut, as I am a graduate of Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT, and have attended the CT School of Electronics (at the time) in West Haven, CT. My major in college was Political Science, and at CSE I studied Electronics. Currently I use my CSE post-graduation education in conjunction with my present career as the CEO of ComputerFox Stores.

My past political experiences are mostly in Republican politics, and over the last several years have been increasingly focused on what is best for our American Republic. I believe in ideas that preserve our individual freedom and pursuit of happiness and adamantly oppose a strong central government. My political beliefs do not limit me to a Republican party or Democratic party paradigm, but rather to the bigger ideal of what is American and Un-American. What is American to me is this great republic's Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution, both of which I vigorously defend against the paradox that has become the Republican and Democratic parties.

In the past I have had many strong ties to the Republican Party. I have served on, and in, many local political organizations and have taken part in many Republican Presidential and Gubernatorial campaigns. Today I view politics with far greater sadness, but yet maintain much more hope than many years ago. My party affiliation is Independent because I believe the people of Connecticut who are overwhelmingly Independent deserve an organized Independent Party. My agenda for CT is focused on the difficult task of building a future where government is "off our backs," and individual economic opportunity and affordability exists for all who are willing to embrace it.

My Independent colleagues and I invite you to join our ranks and grow with us here in Connecticut. Please E-Mail me or comment on the issues that face you and your family. I also invite you to stop into our 374 NH Ave. headquarters to sign our petitions or to volunteer to make a change. For this reason my campaign has adopted the phrase “Veritas Vos Liberabit ” or “The Truth Will Set You Free.” … and you all are welcome to join our chorus.

Rocco J Frank Jr.
Candidate Milford State Representative 118Th District

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