Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jesse Ventura "Don't Start The Revolution Without Me!"

Former Minnesota Governor Jessee Ventura has come out of his Mexican Siesta and is ready to take part in the rebuilding of America. This is particularly exciting news because Jesse, a former, and very popular WWF wrestler, ex-Navy Seal, and accomplished political leader has always had the ability to energize the despondent and apathetic voters of America.

Jesse mentions in his new book that after winning the gubernatorial election in Minnesota he was met by several CIA operatives in the basement conference room at the capitol building. Their questions were pertaining to how he pulled off such a victory in Minnesota. Their questions revealed interest in his unconventional victory through the mobilization of people who rarely or never voted.

While I personally have not yet read his book it sounds very much like a very exciting, and yet interesting story that will hopefully spark more positive change here in America.

According to Dick Russel whose name also appears on the cover, "Ventura uses the book – part personal memoir, part political rant – to rail against organized religion and the media, detail his brushes with celebrities and suggests that he should be viewed as a possible presidential candidate."

I would highly recommend reading his complete synopsis on the book if you do not plan on purchasing it. Jesse's unconventional leadership has been dubbed "genius" by many in his state while others viewed him as a symbol of how "mad" America has gotten. In either case, no matter what you believe, I always thought Jesse was somewhat of a superstar in the political arena who energized the public in a positive way.

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