Sunday, January 20, 2008

CIA Agent Makes Death Bed Confession To His Son.

E. Howard Hunt worked for the CIA during the 60's. This was a turbulent time in history, and one of the closest the world has ever seen to a nuclear war with Russia. E. Howard Hunt was sworn to secrecy by the powers in charge and even suffered the loss of his wife in a crash that was deemed pilot error and also a dubious warning as to how far our government will go to ensure secrecy.

E. Howard Hunt has a son Saint John Hunt, and he asked him to bring a message to the world to finally put an end to the mystery surrounding the JFK Murder, and the reasons surrounding the decision, to not only end his life, but to place a more "hawkish" President in office; Lyndon Banes Johnson.

After hearing the testimony of Saint John Hunt it became clear to me that the CIA and JFK's Vice President LBJ had knowledge of the plot to kill Kennedy. The consensus was that with the world so dangerously close to global nuclear war that Kennedy would be a perilous and weak leader in the face of the Soviet threat. One of the concerns mentioned was the mishandling of the "bay of pigs" and his hesitation to call in the air force. According to the recorded confession of E. Howard Hunt the CIA and LBJ worked together to set up and neutralize JFK under the noble idea that he was a danger to our safety and security in America.

E. Howard Hunt admitted that he loved our country, and at the time of this CIA executive order there was a general and sincere urgency to act in the best interests of our nation. This decision was accompanied by a genuine internal fear over a possible nuclear war with Russia.

While I must admit that I was not yet born when Kennedy was murdered, I always found the lasting legacy of the mystery surrounding his death interesting. This latest story I believe gives those who were saddened by the death of JFK the most amount of closure yet.

The Kennedy family, who has received, too much loss in my opinion has yet to comment on this latest news. If any members of the general public, whom for years have always questioned the official government story would like more information, you may contact Saint John Hunt (The son of E. Howard Hunt.) He has posted an informative website with lots of information. His website link is: Feel free to comment back.

Perhaps this Martin Luther King Day we can think about the senseless killing of another great leader. Martin Luther King had his life end at his hotel. He was senselessly shot by a sniper.

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