Monday, January 14, 2008

Cries of New Hampshire Voter Fraud Get Louder!

When I first heard this accusation of New Hampshire voter fraud a week ago I just dismissed it as "sour grapes." My first thought was that of the typical "sore loser" concept we have seen again and again in ultra competitive elections.

That view of mine is beginning to change, Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh (below) have joined the growing list of protesters calling the Diabold count "troubling." The list of opponents are now comprised of Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Rep. Ron Paul, Voter Fraud Expert Bev Harris, computer science experts at Princeton University, and of course radio hosts Alex Jones and others at the GCN network.

This problem became even more apparent when I recently discovered that these complaints are omnipresent and repeated across the country. But most troubling is the criminal and felonious drug dealing record of Ken Hajjar, the Director of Sales and Marketing for LHS Associates, and childhood friend of company owner John Silvestro.

These are very grave concerns because Diebold has the contract for the state of Connecticut and these machines are now used to decide our elections. Poll watchers, and the chain of custody, as well as a paper record will become critical to guarantee that our elections remain honest. People need to get involved in the electoral process if we are to preserve liberty in America. There is no place for secrecy when it comes to ballot counting, the process must remain transparent, and the public deserves the right to inspect any suspicious computer code.

Below is another historical opinion from Rush Limbaugh, one of very few, I personally agreed with.

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