Friday, September 24, 2010

League of Women Voters Cancels Debates Chester Marsh Miffed

League of Women Voters Cancels Debates The League of Women Voters notified the Marsh campaign on Wednesday that they have canceled their 3 planned gubernatorial debates. When at least one of the major candidates declined to participate The League canceled.”This is an unfortunate development for Connecticut’s electorate” says Marsh. Marsh has been invited to participate in 11 debates and forums (now 8) around the state though he is excluded from two of the major televised debates.”My exclusion was prompted by the major party candidates’ refusal to share the televised stage, and the media sponsors caved to their demand. If I am off base, then I encourage both Mr. Malloy and Mr. Foley to publically request my inclusion. If that happens I will apologize for my assertions.

Tom believes that the focus on money, over message, has resulted in several of the major party candidates being weak debaters. Marsh contends “if you have the cash it is easier to lob 30 second grenades at your opponent on radio and TV than debate the issues.” The knock against me is that I don’t have the funding. “A Lack of money is different than a lack of message, and that makes me problematic in a debate”.

Marsh does understand the reality of politics and minor party exclusion is nothing new. Campaign strategy focuses on winning and if it is not in a candidate’s best interest to debate then other tools are used. “We saw however, what happened to Ned Lamont when he refused to debate” Marsh notes.

Finally, to Malloy’s credit, Marsh points out “Dan seems to be willing to participate in the non-televised debates and forums that I am included in. “For example we are both scheduled to participate in the ConnCAN forum on education this coming Monday in Middletown. As far as I know Foley has not responded”. Perhaps the Republicans let the wrong Tom get away.

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