Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Krazy City In Milford Closes Its Doors

Early reports indicate that ailing Krazy City Amusements located in the Connecticut Post Plaza Mall has closed its doors today due to what appears to be severe financial difficulties. A former employee who wished to remain anonymous said what many already thought to be inevitable "that they were hemorrhaging money like mad. The owners have tried to make a go of the establishment but the place was age appropriate meaning that it was only for kids who liked amusements. Take this in the age of X-Box, a faltering economy, and huge rent and utility bills and you have a really bad business decision."

Should the owners fail to reach an agreement to re-open the store it is entirely likely that the local courts will decide the fate of all the assets and past due expenses if any. The already struggling Post Mall will likely suffer another terrible financial loss due to the fact that Krazy City occupies five retail spaces. The Post Mall was recently awarded a substantial property tax cut of Apx. 20% after they sued the Richetelli Administration and the Tax Assessor in court over their high tax bill.

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Anonymous said...

BounceU in Stratford would be happy to help accomodate anyone who is unable to have their party due to Krazy City closing- 203-375-2700