Friday, September 10, 2010

Broken Promises, Broken Dreams, Republicans and Democrats Consistently Deliver

The people of our great city and state are real people, they have real hopes and real dreams. They want nothing more than to wake up each morning and not have to ever be concerned with religion or politics but rather place their trust and faith in the American Party based system that is dominated by the Republican and Democrats.

The average person in town may even know the name of a candidate, know a little about their past and believe that the mailing sent to their house is reason enough to believe that we have good candidates running for office. In those cases where voters have no idea who their candidate is, they ask their friends "who are you going to vote for?" or "Who should we support?" and as such excitement starts to brew as the lead candidates begin spending money and pushing their exciting "facts" and "opinions"... and so desperate are you to just blindly trust and believe in those words and promises.

Voters go about their day, and notice and read signs with catchy phrases like "Responsible," "Leadership," "Experienced," "Rebuilding," "Restoring," "Hope," "Change," "Put Americans Back To Work," the promises are endless and yet the inaction is also endless.

Every election the disappointed Independents decide they are angry at the individual candidates political party so they vote the other way. This is a strange Paradox of disenfranchisement whereby upset voters, who feel responsible to vote, throw away their vote to the other major party because they are upset with the present administration. Not knowing who they voted for, what that other person represents or what agenda they possess has become irrelevant to many who are more interested in exerting their mass authority to "fire" our representative leaders than actually look to a logical choice or alternative.

The voter has become part of the problem, especially those who call themselves Independent but have never voted for anything other than a Democrat or Republican. The two party system likes it this way because they claim ownership over Independents while marginalizing their third party candidates. When an Independent runs for office, they are usually put in a position whereby they have to beg and fight for everything. This happens when they are routinely excluded from debates, are excluded from voting in primaries, are given very discouraging hurdles to conquer and are offered a barrage of often limited or discriminatory coverage by the media.

This is because the two party system, loves Independent voters, while dislikes Independent candidates unless the latest poll shows their candidate eating away at their opponents lead. The rudeness of name calling is also another past time of the two party system who dubbed the words "spoiler", "throw away you vote", "they never win" and so on and so on.

The joke is finally on the tax payers of America who are being "wiped out" by the very "liars" whom they elect and fire each and every year. This year, in Ct, we have a stellar group of some of the most clever crooks and thieves that the world has ever seen. Remember, that as you are voting for an established party candidate, you are doing nothing more that what generations of individuals have done before you.

The result of those votes created the disaster that now has put America and Americans in the worst position it has ever been since the nation was established. Record job losses, record, deficits, record foreclosures, record dollar devaluation, record Gold prices, record illiteracy, record illegal immigration and thanks to your assumed vote I am certain there will be some more new records.

To all my readers and fans today I beg of you to not "throw away your vote," yet again, voting for the same established political parties that have corrupted everything. I instead beg of you to have the courage to not collapse the candidate this year but rather follow suit in you original view about party affiliation and actually vote the entire two party system out. Your family and our children deserve better than what they delivered, and I promise "No candidate could do a worse job than Congress has already done." This election lets make our mark by voting out all corrupt political party candidates.

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