Monday, September 13, 2010

As Nation Sinks Into Despair Republicrats Offer Same Rhetoric

Every election we hear the same old B.S. from all the two party candidates we elect, re-elect and vote out. "ohhh, I mean business," "I will reduce the size of Government," "I will protect Jobs," "I will protect the environment," "I will, I will, I will... vote for me! Me! MEEEEE! Ohh Awww pleeease! I will I will I swear!"

Sick of it yet? Well if you have been lobotomized, unable to read a newspaper or kept to your promise of never discussing "religion or politics" then quit reading this blog and go back to your Ipod. (You will not get it.) But.. If you are smart, fed up, and sick and tired of all the cons, the lies, the deception, dishonesty and larceny than read on because I am going to offer you a solution to the rut our criminal government put us in.

Last year when I was out meeting people in Milford I witnessed first hand the wreckage in our community. While I heard our leaders proclaim victory and told us all that our city was in "great shape" I was reading facts, researching statistics and gathering first hand stories from ordinary people struggling under the incompetence of this city's leadership. Statistics and facts do not support the lies that the liars tell. The city is NOT "In Great Shape."

Are you in great shape? Are your neighbors living large? Is your employer hiring? Giving raises, or optimistic? Well if they are perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who knows how to profit from misery, but unfortunately those ill gotten gains are on the back of a dying Middle class or a group about to be further decimated by the large Tax increases looming on the city books.

While you are being told we are in "Great Shape" remember that there are little things that marr the great reputations of the lying liars in town. These are those things deliberately not reported to the papers in the hope that you will remain ignorant and clueless enough to think that your city services being cut are no cause for alarm.

Yes that is correct over the last Ten years your property taxes increased dramatically and your city services cut to the bone. The city has been busy getting sued to the point of wiping out the city's legal defence fund and our schools need 100 million in repairs. What are our leaders doing about this impending disaster?Absolutely nothing! They are pretending these problems do not even exist. You are being told there is no cause for alarm, or in other words they are taking the Steven King horror novel approach.

When we put our trust into a political party who will say and do anything to keep the town and its people in a trance for its own political and financial purposes then its time to worry. Do not wait for your taxes to skyrocket, your house values plummet, or your credit rating destroyed. You see, as you are being told the town is in "Great Shape" and there is nothing to worry about they are busy finding a way to shift blame when things fall apart.

Do not let these criminals jump in the get away car! Take action become involved visit and vote out the thieving duopoly that has become nothing more than gang style rule in our town. Vote both parties out and support the Independent Party. Even if you think Independents are not going to win still vote for them because it is more honorable to let the criminals know that they do not control your vote.

At this point in the game, the mistakes made are so enormous, that regardless of who wins the solutions will be out of reach to either candidates in this election cycle. There is no one in the running this year that has any ability to solve any problems at the federal level and we urge you to take action. Vote Independent! Register to Vote as an Independent! and tell the Duopoly you reject Gangs running our town!

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