Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Wrath Unleashed On Milford

Today I was reminded by my stepdaughter that in the last two weeks school was in session only six times due to the snow. This was particularly concerning because it is affecting the midterm exams that our kids usually take this time of year.

Last week Milford was struck with 18 inches of snow, and today freezing rain that made parking lots and driveways virtual ice rink's. Salt is everyone best friend and as usual is in high demand on days like this. So what is the story with this cold weather? Seems like not too long ago my mother-in-law handed me Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth Video.

With 49 out of 50 states covered under the snow, it is certainly hard to comprehend that global warming is a problem. Yesterday, I read in Yahoo news that scientists are still warning that our time to fix Climate Change is "running out" that we need to adopt a global treaty like the Kyoto Protocol or something equally relevant.

These scientists, however, are in deep trouble because their leaked e-mails resulted in a new debacle called climate-gate. Their mission was also further hindered by Jessee Ventura's Tru-TV Conspiracy theory who exposed the brainchild of climate change, and its Billionaire U.N. advocate Maurice Strong as fraudsters looking to get wealthier over the legal imposition of a carbon trading program devised by the now bankrupt Enron Corp.

The big oil companies, despite their gulf problems, are happily set to reap record profits from very cold winters. The oil companies according to internal wistle blowers (Jim Mars, and Lindsey Williams) allege that the OPEC style global monopoly is deliberately moving the price of oil upward. The final goal is $5.00 per gallon or apx $175PB by this summer. The price is to stay there for as long as they can hold it. Lucky for big oil cold weather bodes well with their shareholder profits, because home heating oil sales are set to jump, and so is the cost of producing food through industrial farming.

The Al Gore environmentalists are calling the oil companies irresponsible and have praised Obama moratoriums on gulf oil drilling. Some experts have even argued that drilling oil in the Gulf could possibly create a tsunami. This is possible according to geologists in two significant ways, first a giant sink hole could open up causing a major seafloor crater style tsunami, the other a massive uplift of methane gas creating one.

Of course none of this is even close to the theory being investigated by NASA and several other scientists that the cold weather we are experiencing is the result of a giant oil spill combined with chemical dispersant called "core-exit" disrupting the oceans conveyor belt system. If this system is disrupted, as geological records have shown it was in the past, than the warm waters of the south Atlantic will not warm the Northern Hemisphere by virtue of its normal flow of currents. This will result in an Ice Age that will start from the Northern Hemisphere on down. As we endure colder winters, and ice sheets spread scientists have also argued that the bright white snow, like a mirror, will reflect more heat into space.

While personally I have no idea what is going on with our planet, there is one thing that I am certain of. There is only one planet capable of keeping the Human Race alive and well. If we compared the planed to a boat I certainly would be upset with the amount of people climbing on board and I would certainly not allow them to shoot holes in the hull for their amusement or personal  exploration.

What is going on with the weather is hopefully still up to mother nature, but when I hear that our presence on the planet is now capable of experimenting with our survival or worse yet irreversibly damage our life sustaining planet then the time has come to act. If anything above is fact or true, or even if not, we cannot continue to condone behavior that is emblematic of  "biting of the hand that feeds us."

For further reference. New York University, and Central Intelligence Agency Employee uses Game theory to advise the Government on the impact of future treaties. The commentary he makes in the below video pertains to the failed Coppenhagen summit of earlier this year.

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