Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tyranny In Connecticut Is One Motor Vehicle Request Away

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles was once a practical and yet useful place to obtain a Drivers Licence, get your car inspected for safety and emissions and obtain the required paperwork to prove to the police you actually owned your car.

Over time the insurance lobby argued successfully that the DMV should insist that all Motorvehicles be insured. This was a major legislative victory that brought Billions in profits to the auto insurance industry. The system worked so well that towns adopted it to collect on outstanding property taxes on cars.

The Local Police Departments also loved the idea and soon if you owed on more than Five parking tickets then you were also denied your driving privilige. The DMV in Connecticut has not gone completely extreme like some states have, but the trend against personal liberty is alarming. Some states have implemented programs that deny DMV services to individuals that have past due child support obligations.

To make matters more interesting Connecticut recently joined Homeland Security in turning our DMV's into "report you neighbor" Stazi broadcast centers. This is a similar program that is expected to be adopted at 9,000 Walmart stores.

While the electronic billboards are relatively new, you will soon notice them while awaiting your number to be called. These billboards casually display DHS messages while you enjoy the latest pop gossip, stock reports and a message from Janet Napolitano asking the public to Rat on their friends and neighbors should they look "suspicious."

To make matters more troubling the Connecticut DMV is now linked to Fusion Centers, or those public data collection agencies who spy on the American public. Fusion Centers are highly secretive and operate outside the jurisdiction and management of Congressional oversight.

The Government recognizes that Driving is sacred to the public. Imagine what your life would be like if you were not allowed to drive your car? The DMV is being transformed into a battleground against the New World Order. We have seen this battle some years back when they were tasked to usher in the controversial Real ID act. Fortunately that bill died with the arrest of CT state Senator Deluca who had some very questionable ties to organized crime.

The issues facing the public, and the misuse and abuse of the Patriot act to suppress the angry public are of great concern to freedom loving people every where. While I do not advocate violence, I do advocate an Infowar against every Federally Elected criminal in Washington D.C. The most powerful weapon we have is our minds and our mouths. When combined with the truth they create an unstoppable movement that restores our nation to the place where it belongs, above reproach and a beacon of light that signal to the world that America's people will never take part in the evils of a Communist World Government.


Rob said...

Good Lord, you're SO excitable (and a lousy writer, editor, and proofreader to boot!).

Stazi broadcast centers? A New World Order? Communist World Government? All through the DMV? I mean, do you ever wonder why you can't get elected to any meaningful position? You needn't be so strident to get your point across. Relax a little, smell the flowers, take a writing course.

Listen, stop with the initial caps on random words, like ". . . to Rat on their friends and neighbors. . ." You worry about our kids' educations when you write so incredibly badly? The occasional typo is always excusable, but deliberate ignorance? Not hardly.

If the 'Fusion Centers' are so secretive, how did you find out whatever it is you're worried about?

And I didn't know that the Government (there's that initial cap again!) recognizes that Driving (again!) is sacred to the public? When did a privilege (not a right) become sacred? Isn't that God country? If you just act like a responsbile citizen and pay your taxes, parking tickets, and, yes, even your child support, what's the problem?

Rocco J. Frank Jr. C. E. & Michael Vecchiarelli M.A. said...

Wow! Thanks for the reply, your remarks make it evident that it is easier than I previously imagined to build a police state in America.

While we are at it do you think the DMV should enforce court orders? You know like rent owed, missed credit card payments and while we are at it how about past due water gas and electric bills.

Watch this documentary, if it does not change your mind than I offer you a million apologies!