Friday, January 28, 2011

Take The Poll

The following poll is being put together to gather a rough idea of your thoughts on liberty and Freedom. Please be honest take the poll and check back for updates on the percentages.

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Anonymous said...

Intereesting use of "Poll". The answer that most thoughtful people would give is not even on here.
Few Americans would give up "all" freedom and liberty, but fewer still would give up none. Typical examples of freedom and liberty that we give up all the time for the sake of safety are obeying stop signs and traffic lights, and the laws requiring temporary incarceration for drunk drivers or people arrested for assault. So the answers left are, "so far is enough" in other words, don't change a thing, (I think most people understand that are laws are not perfect and should be subject to improvement, or "only what the government asks", which is a bit arbitrary, not to mention badly worded.
Same thing with the reactions. My first reaction is "disappointed". So which selection is most representative of my reaction, funny, interesting or cool?
Are you trying to get people's opinions or skew them?