Monday, March 15, 2010

Rosa Delauro Irks Many In Milford

Sad but true, nearly a year has gone by and the only memory of a photo that I have of our illustrious Congresswoman is a lone photo of her eating lobster at a lobster fest in Milford.

Aside from her penchant for natural food, In years past and still currently I have been upset with her "food safety and modernization act." This is because it is my opinion that this act has nothing to do with food safety and all to do with handing over the family farm to big corporations. Anyone with any knowledge about this issue should be keenly aware of her husbands relationship with Monsanto foods and how it benefits them to do Monsanto's bidding.

For those who do not know Monsanto that is the company that genetically vandalizes the DNA of food and then patents the food so no one can grow it or profit from things like corn, soybeans, potato's etc. In years past they have sued family farmers over the wind cross germinating farmers fields.

Lets also not forget that as we were riding in coach while on vacation this summer, Rosa left for Italy with Speaker Pelosi on a flight that cost taxpayers over $200,000.00. This "Business trip" included visiting the Vatican, lots of Museums, sight seeing and yes the occasional cognac and steak dinner with a famous politician.

Your blood should be boiling by now, but if its not let me remind you all of one more thing, her refusal to hold bankers accountable in Congress. While two Congressmen from CT were co-sponsoring the bill to audit the Federal Reserve, Derosa sided with former Golman Sachs executive Jim Himes in opposing the bill. She did this quietly since over 312 or most of Congress co-sponsored the bill without her. This should leave you wondering how her loyalty to bankers are in lockstep with those of Chris Dodd. Dodd made it clear by his resignation that he would rather quit the U.S. Senate than hold the very thieves who wrecked America Accountable.

Rosa Delauro's misguided leadership is one boondoggle of disrespect after the other, if she is not out in East Haven battling their local police department for arresting the nutty behavior of April Capone Almon, she is out fraternizing over some other feminist escapade that has nothing to do with the key issues facing America.

This week and in the photo above we witness again our incorrigible Congresswoman in yet another Feminist posture with her wildly unpopular travel buddy, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. During this widely protested and unwelcome visit to Connecticut Rosa made a point yet again to push her personal agenda while ignoring the wishes of her constituents who are rightfully upset with our nations Speaker.

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Hansa J said...

Nice expose of "Rosa", our run-away locomotive in Congress. I remember watching her on CSPAN attacking other Reps who didn't want to vote for the Agricultural Appropriations bill because it was an extra $140 Bln in waste. She stood there, shouting at them, "There's money for your district! Money for your people!" Money! Money! Money! Dangerous, reckless, near-sighted. I want to know what her supporters intend to do when MONEY runs out??