Monday, March 8, 2010

A Very Proud Day

Not often do I write about my kids achievements, but today was something special. The Connecticut post had a wonderful write up on one of my own for being selected to represent Milford in Washington D.C.

Lea Finch, my stepdaughter, was selected by her school teachers who were impressed with her community involvement and fundraising efforts for countless organizations from little league, to the Red Cross. As her her step dad who helped raise her since kindergarten my proudest day was the time we stood out on a cold day by Stop & Shop in Westport. Together she and my two kids Andrew and Rachel raised over $1,000.00 to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

For as long as I can remember Lea has been giving to somebody, or helping someone. Each Christmas we still wrap gifts for children in the hospital ward, or deliver them to homeless shelters. The kids and adults are so thankful that they send us a constant flow of eternal gratitude in the form of thank you letters and awards.

Lea, will now be travelling to Washington D.C. on March 16Th - 24Th and will be meeting with our national leaders while touring the capitol. This is part of a program sponsored by the National Youth Leadership Conference to introduce our next generation of leaders to the inner sanctum of our American Republic. Her best financial sponsors that made this great dream a reality came from the generous support of her family, our neighbors, and the Milford Independent Party of which we all hope she will one day join.

The award bestowed upon her this day is best exemplified on page C1 under the Neighbors section of today's Connecticut Post where it states "Lea was selected for the honor based on outstanding scholastic merit, civic involvement and leadership potential." We certainly hope that in the coming years we will have a new candidate for public office. Hard work certainly has its rewards.

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