Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chester First Selectman Tom Marsh Visits Milford Independents

Chester is a model town in the state of Connecticut, and so is its very proud Republican Mayor Tom Marsh who has the honor of presiding over the states most desirable town. Tom Marsh is currently a Republican seeking the Independent Party nomination to run for Governor.

He attended this evenings Milford Independent Town Committee Meeting along with Dr. Mertens who is also seeking the party nomination for the U.S. Senate. Both Mertens and Marsh were this evenings guest speakers and each spoke as to their unique qualifications for public office.

Mertens indicated that he is "ready to fearlessly confront the nations challenges," and criticized the failed policies of the two party system. Mertens who is a Engineer and teacher by trade, called Obamacare "flawed and is disappointed with the bill in its current form" but has agreed that something has to be done about this nations troubled health system.

He said Obamacare is a "starting point" and it will need serious reform if it will work for the people of Connecticut. Mertens also agreed with Telesca that the 15 state lawsuits challenging Obamacares Constitutionality are good. He and Mike both believes that the courts will make a determination on whether or not the "Commerce Clause" is in fact an issue. Mertens is also sceptical about its legal defeat, as he is of the opinion that the bill may not be un-Constitutional enough to satisfy the courts legal standard.

Mike Telesca, a cancer survivor himself, stated that during his treatment he was faced with severe financial challenges. Telesca said that "the hospital was charging him upward of $20,000.00 a day.." He said "a decision had to be made and I left the hospital many times earlier than I should have so I welcome anything that reforms this system of care."

Tom Marsh, was asked about his vision for Connecticut and quickly pointed out that there is party gridlock in the state Capitol. The Republicans want to stop spending, and the Democrats are under the direction of the unions. Marsh said that the "Current Speaker of The House Chris Donovan has more in common with a labor representative than a representative of the people."

Marsh also criticized Rells leadership, citing that "Hartford has not had any solid leadership in many years." Running as an Independent now, he believes, is the right move, especially with civil unrest and the steady public outcry for change that continues to grow.

Marsh said that he believes Voters will soon realize that there needs to be a "third choice come November" and he is hoping that those disenfranchised voters will be more inclined to vote for him on the Independent line.

Both Marsh and Mertens have websites highlighting their positions and views on state and Federal Issues and encourage everyone to take the time to read what they published. Mertens said that if "every person in Connecticut took take the time to read just the first page on my website I would be elected."

Marsh's website and John Mertens website

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John Mertens for U.S. Senate in 2010 said...

Dear Rocco and Mike,

Thank you for inviting me, and for the nice coverage! I'd like to clarify my view of the recent health care bill: it does some good things, preventing some horrendous abuses by the insurance companies, for example, but it does not address cost control. People should watch my 30 minute television show on health care on youtube (just search for John Mertens) for a very detailed understanding of my position on health care. And, for the record, I do not think the lawsuits will be successful, and I do not think CT should waste state money to join them.

All my best!