Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To All My Irish Friends...

Happy Saint Patricks Day! And may the spirit of this holiday beckon all of you who wish you were Irish! (Or are just pretending for a day.) Remember a few things today, Corn Beef and Cabbage is just something you gotta do, and yes dressing up in your ugly green sweater will bring no sarcasm.

The greener you are the more Irish you become. One other last point, there is no such thing as leprechauns but I found this video (posted below) on YouTube of someone who claims to have spotted one. This has left me a bit confused. Well you all decide what you think!

Have a very happy Kermit Green Irish holiday, please do not drink and drive and look out for your friends. Good friends do not let anyone drive drunk. It's real cool to "take the keys," especially if it may safe a life.

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