Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away....

"Come on back another day!"... or at least that is what I heard the town folk were singing along the wetlands. The Rain is coming in like a Lion ahead of those infamous "April Showers." Perhaps we can start April with the old proverb that it will be a "deluvian" month.

But the rain is not all bad news for some. Especially those in the cleaning and restoration business. Many homeowners who have fallen victim to flooding are expected to file insurance claims. Those insurance claims will soon translate to a period of robust business for those in the cleaning restoration, and construction business.

The birds down at Duck Pond appear to be very happy as well as their pond has risen up over the grass and well into the area once occupied by public onlookers of the wonderful scenery that depicts Milford's waterfront.

The rain is not expected to stop for at least another day or two. The especially wet weather is expected to deliver several months of seasonal rain in just a few days. The city will also be busy down in Devon closing roads, and pumping water from flood zones.

Hopefully all of you who live in low lying areas have already taken the time to check the condition of your bilge pumps and emergency flood control in your basements. Remember that somethings insurance cannot replace.

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