Saturday, March 20, 2010

In Washington DC Today

Today was very busy, and productive. The day started in Waterbury where the Milford Independents Joined forces with several other towns around Connecticut and adopted a set of state rules for CT Central. This is the state branch of the Independent Party of which was fomented with the support of Ten other Independent town Committees in the state of Connecticut. The gathering was our first, and everyone was very excited to grow our ranks within the state.

The state Independent Party Announced a prominent First Selectman for the Gubernatorial seat, a candidate for the senate seat, and also other candidates for Congressional seats. Their names will be published as the election press releases are drafted and the candidates have had their opportunity to respond.

The Independents are still seeking candidates for Attorney General, Secretary of state, and other state posts. Anyone interested in running should contact me at my e-mail. and I will get your credentials to State Central.

Moving on from Waterbury the day then continued on to the nations capitol Washington D.C. where several last ditch efforts are being made to collaborate efforts on some upcoming urgent political issues that I will talk about later.

My lovely step-daughter just spent several days at the U.S. capitol and is also on my agenda while down here. Meanwhile stay tuned, as I look forward to catching up on her lobbying efforts and discussing her experience with our National leaders.

The only notable item worth mentioning at this time is that our Senator Chris Dodd failed to attend a meeting that he agreed to be at. His cancellation arrived on the heels of insider trading by his staff and a new scandal that is further shaming the Democratic Party.

The Kids of the National Youth Leadership Conference were very upset and disappointed with Chris Dodd's failure to keep his promise to attend their meeting.

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