Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Devon Power Station Nears Completion

The city has endured truck after truck of "wide load" vehicles up and down New Haven Ave. Local onlookers watched and wondered at what the massive oversize structures were, and what they were intended for.

Well after several months, we can now see the colossal structures rising into giant smoke stacks along the Housatonic river in Devon. The site is the one formerly known as the Devon Power Plant owned and operated by United Illuminating and NRG.

The new project is one run by the energy giant NRG, (pronounced "Energy.") The new plant is expected to function as a "peaking station" or in layman's terms, it will add power in the summer and winter when we all have the air conditioners, or heaters on in extreme weather.

The current power grid included the Middletown station. With it now in ruins the new gas powered power plant may evolve as more than just a "peaking station."

The new gas powered power plant is expected to go online as early as this summer, and the need for it appears to be increasing as the rebuilding of the Middletown plant drags on pending investigations and litigation.

The site is now clearly visible from Naugatuck Ave. Anyone curious in what the project currently looks like can park along side the road and see for them selves.

(Above photo is an artists rendering of the final project.)

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