Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meet Milfords Most Menacing Object

Sadly, the utility pole in Milford is becoming the towns most menacing object. Just in the last week, a truck coming off exit 40 struck one destroying the rig, disrupting power to a major commercial area and putting the lives of fire fighters in jeopardy.

No sooner than that accident two more teens lost their life when their Honda struck a utility pole on Gulf Street, one year earlier Jill Copperwait lost her life to a pole on New Haven Ave. and three other teens lost their life when their car struck a utility pole at the mall. The cars involved, One Subaru, a Nissan, and a Honda all foreign medium sized cars.

The state legislature adopted new teen driving laws in July of 2008 in an effort to make the right of passage a safer one. The laws are described as the "MOST COMPREHENSIVE OVERHAUL IN 35 YEARS."

However, for some the relief this program was supposed to deliver fell short because their kids obtained their drivers licences prior to the benefits yielded by it. In all recent cases involving automotive fatalities the drivers obtained their Drivers Licences under the old rules.

Many residents are are awaiting the new data to come in for those kids who obtained their drivers licence under the new state mandates and motor vehicle regulations. We sincerely hope that tragic accidents like the one we experienced over the last several years are dramatically reduced.

As Milford anxiously awaits these "comprehensive overhauls" the towns kids, parents, relatives and loved ones will remain in mourning. All of us at the MDB offer our prayers and condolences to every family who endured these many painful losses.

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