Sunday, March 14, 2010

Teen Stabbed To Death In Milford Fight Two Others Injured

A Milford teen Ryan Simpson and his brother are alleged to have been stabbed and one Ryan killed. The Waterbury youth, who attended the party at the Devon house was said to have been an unwelcome guest.

After the incident, and the ensuing emergency call Police pursued him onto I95 and and eventually disabled his car by puncturing his tires. The suspect then exited his vehicle on foot and police dogs were released to chase after him. The suspect was apprehended and is in Police custody this evening.

The youth charged is a 17 year old boy from Waterbury Ct. During the arrest Police indicated he was brandishing a screwdriver, and was charged with attempting to use it as weapon. However, the actual weapon used in the killing is being reported as a knife.

Circumstances surrounding the incident are still being investigated so few details are available. The only information we have at the moment is that one victim is a student in Milford. The other injured youth we have no information on. One is age 15, the other age 19 is deceased. This tradgedy brings another somber day to the cities young people tomorrow.

The incident took place early morning in the Devon section of Milford at 477 Woodland Drive.

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