Thursday, March 18, 2010

Milford's Citizens Hit With Huge Tax Increase More Foreclosures Expected

Conservatism in government appears to be dead as Milford citizens are hit with a Republican tax increase that outpaces the rate of normal inflation and the more appropriate measure the CPI or Consumer Price Index.

The difference from the normal CPI increase for the entire North East is a 3% gain in goods and services for 2010. The largest increase emerging from transportation costs or a 14% increase in a single area.

The nuances of each category are arbitrary and besides the point. What matters is that the new Property Tax rate represents a 3.5% increase compared to the CPI of 3.0% for our region the NE. Milford is growing its local government at a rate that is apx. 18% above normal, hardly conservative by any measure.

The areas that I found to clearly exemplify reckless spending this year, were excessive legal costs to defend illegal actions by city employees, over payment on office supplies where in some cases the city paid as much as $1,400.00 for two desk chairs. $100,000.00 of thousands wasted on reports that were un-necessary like the KRIT report, and those studies done at Eisenhower Park.

More waste was achieved when the the Tax Collector outsourced its business tax collection paying a commission of over $100,000.00. More waste again in creating new expensive government posts I.E. the Land Use Czar, Blight Czar, etc.. Waste on raises, bonuses, stipends, silly travel expenses etc. etc. etc.

Well sit back and smile and say again to your friends that you do not discuss politics, say that to Mrs. Garcia of 55 Earle St. who committed suicide during the holidays last year. Yes that is right, Mrs. Garcia was a good person, who spent many years in Milford. When the foreclosure notice came, and then the State Marshall, she killed herself!

There must be some kindred spirit, compassion or loyalty for the taxpayers of Milford. There must be some restraint on the part of the greed and avarice of some select city employees who show such unmerciful selfishness.

Those are the city employees who would rather see the less fortunate and protected city employees let go before foregoing their contractual legal right to a wage increase. But none are guiltier than those who knowingly and carelessly "rip off" the city taxpayers.

The time is now upon all of us to take responsibility for the plight of the citizenry in our community. The time is now to question the wrongs of these new excessive tax increases on those who can least afford them.

Today the Milford Mirror has come out as it does every week. Take notice of those homes that were sold for $1.00. That is correct $1.00! That Dollar represents the shattered dreams of about Two or Three families each week. Families who have lost their home to a foreclosure. Who will be their voice and why are they always forgotten?

Some may have deservedly fallen victim to perhaps slovenly laziness, avarice, or some other terrible attribute a person could have. However, there are others who do their best to stay in their homes, work two jobs, sacrifice their time with their family or worse yet cannot find a job. There are some who are widowed, have medical issues, disabilities or may be going through a divorce.

The city offers no empathy, no due regard, no help or anything useful to people who deserve a "hand up" during these "Great Recessionary" times. All the city cares about is getting their stupid "TAX MONEY."

Today I have a message to the wolves who all but guaranteed and accelerated the plight of these victimized individuals. A message that should resonate and rest at their home this evening. A message where I say to them (whoever you are), in your warm dry home. Put down your fork and walk away from that wonderful steak dinner. Open your blinds and look to your most disadvantaged neighbor and see them as many saw Mrs. Garcia. Ask yourself if you honestly believe that you did all you can do so that the next foreclosure suicide does not rest on your conscience.

How does Milford's leaders plan to help those who are not at fault for this tax increase? Tax increases that are part of an ongoing systemic leadership failure that according to departed RTC Member Tom Byrne has resulted in the city taxing its citizens upward from 98M to over 170M this year. A tax increase in a year where the "grand list" by some miracle was able to grow.

Should taxes continue to recklessly rise in the manner they are doing, eventually the city will contend with the Land Lord tenant relationship that once existed during the period of Medieval Feudalism. Property values shall become arbitrary, only second to the very taxes that are forcibly levied upon them. It shall be little more than a citizen reminder of the money due a powerful landlord who really owns the land. Is this where we are headed?

The people have been duped once again by the "big lie" of "Neo-Conservatism." The same kind that got them the raises they need to pay their own property tax increase but you left out to find it on your own.

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