Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Peter Schiff Comments On Obama Health Care Bill

Peter Schiff is a world renowned economist, and Senatorial Candidate for the seat being vacated by Chris Dodd. Schiff also opened his state campaign headquarters on Old Gate lane in Milford late last year.

After the passage of the Obama Health Care Bill, Peter Schiff left the following comment on his website

"As the health care reconciliation bill heads back to the Senate, it’s evident politics as usual is alive and well in Washington. Our political leaders have once again chosen to offer us an entitlement, instead of solving the underlying problems in our health care system that prior acts of congress helped create.

Common sense dictates that prior to adding a new entitlement Congress should first solve the huge problems in the ones that already exist. Such sheer incompetence reinforces that we need to send people to Washington who aren’t politicians and who understand what drives markets and business, otherwise we’re never going to turn our economy around. We’ll continue to fall back to mediocrity, instead of being the world leader we should be."

Peter Schiff

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