Friday, March 26, 2010

Independents Set To Cross Endorse Sen. Slossberg

Last month at the annual caucus of the Independent Town Committee Independents selected candidates for public office. When it came to the state Senate race a vote was held to cross endorse Gail Slossberg.

Gail was considered for endorsement because of several reasons, but one of the most important was her work in keeping the Citizens Election Program viable in years past and presently where she is still working to keep it functional.

In speaking with her on the phone today, Gail was optimistic that the CEP will have a positive resolution and is hopeful minor parties like the Milford Independent Party will be afforded future opportunities to secure state funding.

We also discussed having the state of Connecticut assist in school funding to combine the two city high schools into one economically viable green building. This issue she said "is clearly up to the people of Milford and the Board of Education." She will "support the Board of education and the people of Milford if that is their wish" but warned state assistance for school construction dollars are a long way off.

We also spoke about the current health care bill, and asked her if she as a "Non practicing" Attorney thought the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution was being violated. Her answer was that she has "No Idea" what is in this bill, that at this point in time "No one knows" what is in the bill but she is being "Open Minded" and that she will respect the wishes of the people in her district should they demand the state reject it.

Slossberg indicated "that if the people of Connecticut or Milford, have their Constitutional liberties taken away by Obamacare I will certainly oppose it. However, we cannot pass judgement on this bill and its Unconstitutional aspects before the courts have had their opportunity to review it and make a legal determination as whether or not it violates the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution." Gayle said that as it stands it is too soon to tell how it is going to affect us, but in either case she does "not engage in speculation but rather likes to keep to her reputation of only addressing facts and real issues."

Gail will be confirmed for the ballot line this Wednesday March 31st. at the Milford Independent Town Committee Meeting. The meeting location will be announced at this blog within the next few days so check back. The general public is welcome to attend and thereby express their support or objections to the endorsement of Sen. Slossberg for the Independent Party Line..

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