Thursday, October 22, 2009

Three Candidates For City Clerk Debate The Issues

Just a few short days ago the Plymouth Men's Club put on yet another debate for citizens of Milford. This debate was centered around our local candidates for city clerk and in attendance was Linda Stock, Richard Roy, and Michael Konopka. The guest of honor was certainly Alan Jebson who after many years as our city clerk is retiring.

All the candidates performed well, and Jebson got high regards from all the contenders on stage. Qustions were drawn from the audience, and in tradition with the procedures of the PMC the boy Scouts Helped usher in those questions. In attendance were about 75 people mostly party members and the candidates families.

The video below was filmed by MGAT and is the debate in its entirety. We highly recommend you watch it and vote for the best qualified candidate.

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