Sunday, October 11, 2009

Moore "Chris Dodd can't win and should step down for the good of his party."

Michael Moore's latest documentary did not sit well with our controversial Senator Chris Dodd.

Now Filmmaker and Documentary Producer Michael Moore alleges that high level Democrats have telephoned and told him to "Back Off" Dodd or "Else." We soon may see what this "Or Else" is, but in the meantime lets enjoy Moore's latest video excerpt while we still can.

Today we also get to enjoy our First Amendment right "up close and personal." Much to the chagrin of our illustrious Senator Dodd, who most likely will seek to draft/support a new law to silence people like Moore.

If you think the "Fairness Doctrine," "Cyber bullying" and the latest "FTC Sponsorship" laws are tyrannical, than "wait and see" what the Democratic National Socialist agenda has in store for their critics in the future.

The video below is a commentary by Moore, his thoughts on Dodd, and his critique of our educational, monetary and economic system. Enjoy this thought provoking interview while you still can.

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